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Alcel India Specialized in machine tools, tooling and engine technology, and processing of metals and plastics, we supply Indian-made high-precision components, assemblies and machines to German and European companies: Professional and for mutual benefit. Innovative and quality-oriented.

We connect two leading markets: In Europe, our customers are technological leaders in their fields, observing highest standards in manufacturing processes, quality and reliability. In India, our suppliers feature highly skilled manpower, state-of-the-art processes and a unique cost structure.

ALCEL bridges the distance between these markets.
Once we have established a supply chain, we guarantee that
  • processes and equipment of selected suppliers are state-of-the-art and undergo continuous refinement.
  • product and process quality will be controlled professionally.
  • order fulfillment and logistics are conducted in a transparent, cost-effective and timely way.
  • our suppliers and customers hold high standards in respect to partnership values and deal with contact persons familiar to language, trade conventions and culture.